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Personal Injuries
Family Law (Divorce and Child Custody)
Serious Injuries

The attorneys at the firm have litigated serious injury cases across the United States for more than a decade, and command a reputation for the relentless pursuit of justice with defense attorneys, insurance carriers, and adjusters. With over eighty years of combined trial experience, the firm devotes its considerable manpower, technological, and financial resources to staff and prosecute the select cases it accepts for representation each year. Utilizing a team approach to litigation, the lawyers at the firm work together to effectively focus resources to maximize client results, while pursuing justice to make safer products and communities.

Wrongful Death

An action for wrongful death arises when someone is killed by conduct or events that would not have taken place but for the negligent or unlawful acts of others. Wrongful death actions in Texas are statutory claims that must be brought and prosecuted in a technically precise manner, to avoid jeopardizing the claim. Typical wrongful death cases handled by the firm involve deaths caused or contributed to by medical errors, large truck collisions, railroad crossing deaths, inadequate security, and creation or maintenance of dangerous conditions. Because of the level of time and resources committed to each wrongful death case, only a limited number of cases are accepted for representation each year.

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