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By the time you start looking for a lawyer, things arenít going well and you need help. Whether you or a loved one has been seriously injured, or you need help with divorce, child custody, or business problems, we can help.

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of serious personal injury cases, divorces, and child custody battles. We also help companies analyze and restructure themselves to realize more profits, and we represent companies when they get into legal disputes.

You should act quickly to preserve your rights under the law. If you have a Serious Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, or Wrongful Death case, you will probably have to fight with an insurance company. You donít want to do that yourself. Insurance companies donít make money by paying claims. You want lawyers on your side who fight insurance companies and make them pay.

If you are dealing with divorce or you are fighting over custody of your children, you probably feel as if your life is upside down. You need lawyers who understand how to make sense of the situation, and protect your rights and the rights of your children.

At Marchand & Rossi, we represent companies in a variety of industries and focus that part of our practice on business formation, franchising, business opportunities, business financing, trade secrets, unfair competition, contracts, sales and commercial litigation.

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