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Business Litigation

Sometimes issues arising in business are best addressed in the courtroom. In an age of increasing competitiveness, protection of the client's business rights and capital are paramount considerations. When the decision is made to litigate, the firm's business clients have at their disposal a team of trial attorneys who are trial court veterans, with a proven track record of success. Representative cases include defending against alleged contract and commercial law violations, prosecuting unfair competition and trade secrets cases, representing employers in employee related litigation, quieting disputes regarding ownership issues, officer and director litigation, and shareholder derivative proceedings. In each instance, prior to commencing litigation, the firm's attorneys assess the facts, and offer candid advice based on real experiences providing perspectives of the achievable end result after analysis of the benefits and risks of various alternative avenues to achieving the goals of the client.

Transactions And Planning

Proper business planning, whether at the inception of a new enterprise, its sale, or after a decision is made the transmute the form of the company, requires a specialized knowledge of tax issues, and in addition, liability planning, benefits law, insurance related issues, employment law, contracts, and a host of other considerations. Proper business planning entails significantly more than the mere creation of a legal entity or papering a transaction. Proper planning takes into consideration, and proactively addresses, a variety of consequences of decisions, both foreseen and unforeseen. Strategies maximizing economic, regulatory, tax and market realities can best be understood on a go forward basis, but also must anticipate and absorb consequences of past acts that could affect future issues. Business is dynamic, as are the firm's attorneys, and their approach to the growing needs and objectives of their client companies.

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